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kalum consulting empowers executives to be more successful, across borders.


In times of global challenges and change, we support you through our international expertise to reach your strategic goals, at home and around the globe.


We specialize in providing innovative, continuous as well as digital consulting and learning services for globally evolving organizations in the areas of international leadership, sales and corporate transformation.


How can we help you to make the leap?



Are you working in an increasingly complex international environment? Is your organization directly impacted by global trends like globalization or digitization? Do you feel you need to adapt even faster to a changing world?


At kalum consulting, we empower you to succeed, across personal and physical boundaries. We focus on three core areas of expertise that are particularly important for global success: Leadership, Sales, Transformation.

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Our consulting and learning services include several, often blended approaches:

  • Management Consulting

  • Executive Coaching

  • Open-forum dialogues

  • Workshops and Trainings


We strive for sustained, goal-oriented and action-based learning - always in line with your corporate strategy and a clear commitment from the Board.


All services can be delivered with the same consistency in any location around the world, face-to-face or virtually. We deliver in English, German, French and Spanish.




kalum consulting


We are a small network of multilingual, internationally experienced consultants based in Germany, France and Canada.


kalum consulting was founded in 2015 by Malte Schindler.

Kalum River


North of Terrace, a Canadian community just off the border of Alaska, the Kalum River flows from the mountains into Kalum Lake, then into the Skeena River and on into the Pacific Ocean. It flows along a most spectacular landscape, which is the home to moose, wolves, black and grizzly bears and an assortment of birds including eagles and owls.


Kalum River produces some of the world's largest wild Chinook salmon. They can grow up to over 50 kilos and are spiritually and culturally prized among the Pacific Northwest’s Native Americans.


Chinook Salmon travel thousands of kilometers and despite all hostility and danger like Grizzly bears and bald eagles, they navigate upstream with utmost determination, leaping up some swirling waterfalls. They have unbreakable bonds with their place of origin and spawn where they were born, before there cycle of life ends - and a new generation is born to start their journey.


We sincerely appreciate your confidence.




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Hamburg, Germany

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