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Review, control and adjust your strategy!

"Take the time to review, control and adjust your strategy!“ It is easy to preach it, and I underline it when facilitating workshops and working with teams. All too often, this is pushed down the road, and I used to do it myself. As an entrepreneur, this habit becomes even more important.

Where am I going? What drives me really? Which lever needs to be adjusted? What am I proud of? Which activity takes energy away from me? What means success to me?

Especially Wilbert Evers taught me the beauty of a regular strategy review. Twice a year now, I get out, rent a small cottage with a fireplace in the middle of nowhere and switch off my cell phone. Walking in the mud helps as well to focus and to ask yourself what matters most. To me, this is the perfect time of the year to do it and to come home to yourself.

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