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End-of-Year Retreat

My end-of-year retreat...time for myself: What is it that I liked in 2018? What is it that I want more of? Which activities do I want to diminish? Am I in line with the strategy I have set? Where do I lack clarity? How is my energy level? What is my focus in 2019? Who are the people I want to work closer with, partners and clients? What was astonishing to me? How can I be a caring father and husband despite travelling?

I just love taking this time, although I would prefer spending this quiet time with my family alongside. This beautiful, secluded spot right in the boonies of Northern Germany (close to the Danish border) blew me away and helped me to focus on what is truly essential. I try to do this four times per year, but only managed to do it twice in 2018 ;(

What is it that brings you "home", like a salmon, personally and in business? ‪

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#retreat #cominghome #clairity #gratitute #steppingback

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