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The need to touch base and connect

The need to touch base and connect in these crazy times is so human for all of us. My nine year old daughter Elisa is certainly no different in that.

I have been certified as an online facilitator since 2017 and spent numerous hours in virtual workshops, but the most touching moment on my Zoom account happened last week: I organized a virtual get-together for Elisa’s class.

Last week, Elisa peeked over my shoulder while at work and I wondered: How must it be for her not to have seen her friends for over a month now? I decided to create an opportunity for her class to meet virtually. Her teacher loved the idea.

The shining in Elisa's eyes and the excitement of her entire class was moving. I brought the kids into different virtual classrooms where they were able to connect. We will make this get-together a habit now.

The world, including consulting, learning and development, will no longer be the same. The tools to meet online (Slido, Groupmap) and techniques (Liberating Structures) to include everyone are pretty good, but it will never replace connecting in situ. I long for these days, but in the meantime, we can do pretty cool stuff virtually together and - connect. What is your best idea these days to connect?

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